Falpe was established in 1976, as a producer of expanded polyurethane soles. Over the years the company has changed constantly, consistently adding to its know-how regarding research into innovative products and new printing technology.

The Falpe sole factor is now able to print multiple materials, including TPU (thermal plastic polyurethane), TR, ABS, NYLON, ACETATE, POLYCARBONATE, PLEXIGLAS and the classic expanded polyurethane thanks to which the company was created, and which continues today to be the most produced and used of our products.

Falpe sole factory, production and manufacturing

In addition to the production of blended materials (only printed) the Falpe sole factory is able to supply additional manufacturing for the final product to improve the appearance or add details.

This manufacturing includes: veneers, pad printing, and metallization via vaporization of aluminium.

Every new article that a customer requests will be overseen by Falpe, from the creation of the print to the production of the final product, or simply the printing.